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Nepal Earthquake : UNOFFICIAL TRANSLATION: Ministry of Finance: Custom exemption on relief materials


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Original Document:

Government of Nepal

Press Release from the Ministry of Finance

Date: 2072 - Baisakh - 20 [3 May 2015]

Subject: Facilities provided to ease import of relief and rescue material through exemption of customs duties

A decision has been taken by the Council of Ministers of the Government of Nepal on 25 April 2015 and the decision is under implementation to exempt duties, including custom duties on material, of vital importance, used for the relief and rescue of people affected by the destructive earthquake of 12 Baisakh 2072 [25 April 2015].

A model agreement between the Government of Nepal and the United Nations in relation to "Import, Export and Transport of Relief Consignment and Material with the Relief Worker" has been reached and is under implementation to allow for speedy import of relief and rescue material and material with the relief workers. Similarly, at the Center-level {as in Central Government level} a joint working group coordinated by a Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs, and having Joint Secretaries from the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chief of Immigration at the Tribhuvan Airport and representative of the Nepal Army has set up a post and is working with the intention of receiving assistance as rescue and relief material under bilateral assistance from various countries, government agencies, and other organizations.

In the case of districts outside Kathmandu, committee comprising the Chief District Officer (CDO), Local Development Officer (LDO), Chief of Customs, and Chiefs of Security Agencies of the concerned district has been formed, and based on the recommendation of the Committee, all duties on relief and rescue material has been noted in detail, and the material released after inspection.

Similarly, with the intention to facilitate the supply of tarps, used as shelter, to protect the earthquake affected from the elements, such tarps/tents imported by anyone shall not be subject to any fees or charges until 2072 Jestha 20 [3 June 2015], as per a decision taken by the Government of Nepal on 2072-01-18 [1 May 2015] {the supply} has been further facilitated.

From the implementation of the facilities/matter/issues noted above, at present, no charges/taxes are applied on on import of relief and rescue material. Such items have been inspected and released in Fast Track as per the strict instructions that have been issued to Customs Offices to give high priority to this task and conclude it quickly.

Through press release, we also appeal to everyone to not fall prey to any confusion that has been created through news media's false/incorrect/illusionary/rumourous reporting of relief material not being provided with custom exemption, now and then, and their import being made complicated.

We would also like to inform everyone that should any clarification be required on eased import of relief material, the procedures and the customs and taxes on it, please contact Mr. Laxman Aryal, Chief of Revenue Management Division of the Ministry of Finance at 98510-64222, Director-General of Department of Customs Mr. Sishir Kumar Dhungana at 98510-97837, and Under-Secretary at Ministry of Finance Mr. Dikardev Bhatt at 98414-39620.

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