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Nepal Earthquake : UNOFFICIAL TRANSLATION: Quake Affected Area-focused Immediate Relief Assistance Operational Procedure-2072 BS

Original Nepali Version:


TRANSLATOR NOTE: [ ] means option of words; { } means translator notes. Highlighted text, yet to be translated.


Government of Nepal
Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development
Quake Affected Area {focused} Immediate Relief Operation Operational Procedure, 2072

This procedure is issued pursuant to the decision of Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development (MFALD) of the Government of Nepal 2072-01-16 to initiate relief actions immediately, in the 12 districts announced, by the Government of Nepal, to be severely affected by the earthquake of 2072-01-12 and those that occurred there after.

1. Of the 12 districts, NRs. 900,000 to be provided to all 253 Village Development Committees (VDCs) of the following districts: Sindhupalchok, Gorkha, Nuwakot, Rasuwa and Dhading.

2. Of the 12 districts, NRs 450,000 to be provided to all 242 VDCs of the following districts: Lalitpur, Kavrepalanchok, Dolakha, Ramechhap and Sindhuli.

3. Of the 12 districts, 11 that have municipalities (38), NRs. 200,000 tobe provided per ward (total: 578) of each Municipality in the following districts: Sindhupalchok, Gokrha, Nuwakot, Dhading, Kathmadu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Kavrepalanchok, Dolakha, Ramechhap and Sindhuli.

4. Special grant to be provided as per the arrangement in the Local Governance and Community Development Programme (LGCDP) (Bi. Si. No. 365819 {note: original abbreviation in Nepali}) from the MFALD for the current fiscal year: in the case of VDCs through the District Development Committee (DDC) and in the case of Municipalities, through the directly from the Municipality.

5. Remaining within the direction of this direction {this document}, while this funds {Fund A} reaches the VDCs and municipalities through the issuance of proper authority, these VDCs and municipalities shall use any funds available to them to spend the money within 30 days. If VDCs do not have funds, the concerned DDC shall provide them funds form any of its accounts immediately. Funds spent like this shall be reconciled once funds {from note Fund A}.

6. Funds received shall be spent by VDCs and municipalities as per the headings noted below keeping in mind the requirements based onseriousness of the affect of the earthquake and due prioritization. Funds shall be utilizied on analysis of the damage caused in village and wards. {दामासाही— ना॰ [दाम+साजो कुनै सामूहिक रकम त्यसको हकदारहरूले बराबर गरेर बाँडी लिने वा दिने व्यवस्था; भागसान्ती ।} Damasahi shall not be be allowed to disburse these funds.
A) Management of drinking water, oral re hydration power (Jeewan Jal) and first aid.
B) Management of temporary camps and materials thereof, in the interim.
C) Management of food for maximum of 7 days.
D) Management of temporary latrines and cleaning.

7. While disburing funds based on this Procedure {this document}, among the people of severey affected households, priority to be given to: Women, Children, Weak, Persons with Disability, Senior Citizen and the Extreme Poor.

8. A committee, as indicated below, for the disbursement, mobilization and monitoring of the funds shall be in VDC and wards of the municipality:
In case of VDC, VDC Secretary and in case of municipality Ward Secretary Coordinator
Coordinators of Ward Citizen ForumMember
One woman representative designated by the committee from among the members of the Ward Citizen ForumMember
LGCDP Community MobilizerMember Secretary
In case the LGCDP Community Mobilizer is not present, a staff member of the VDC or municipality designated by the Coordinator shall function as the Member Secretary

9. As per this Procedure {this document}, while implementing relief immediately in the severely affected ward, the concerned Ward Citizen Forum will be mobilized.

10. The terms of reference of this Committee shall remain in effect until the end of the month of Jestha 2072. The funds have to be disbursed by 25 Jestha 2072. Funds not disbursed are to be returned by the concerned VDC to the DDC. By the end of month of Jestha 2072, the Committee, in the case of VDC through the DDC and in case of municipality, directly to MFALD, must submit a report on the details of expenditure after due public examination. In case of municipality, the report must also be submitted to the DDC.

11. The Regional Coordination Office related to LGCDP shall facilitate {the implementation} of this Procedure {this document}.

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