Monday, December 30, 2013

You hear it in one, understand it in another and then repeat it in a third language

Greetings all!

I suppose this is a much better way of greeting everyone as compared to, say, "Greetings ladies and gentleman"... Greetings all.

My friend Jack always has an interesting anecdote whenever I raise any issue, or propose any hypothesis. I guess he has been around many more people than I have.

Good for you -- my friend Jack! Good for you!!!

Coming to the point, AND I AM GOING TO PUNCH JACK ON HIS NOSE if he is going to interrupt my chain of thoughts...

A word is said, a sentence is uttered, a paragraph paraphrased, a song sung... a speech made... a statement delivered... an address (well addressed!)

You hear it in one language, understand it in another and then repeat it in a third...

I have the deep most respect and adulation for translators and interpreters. If you don't have the same sense of admiration for them, why don't you try it... I dare you... I double dare you!!!

This is something I wrote in November 2007:

The translator is not a decision making man, he is a LANGUAGE EXPERT. If the original is illegible, he READS it. If the grammar is wrong, he FIXES it. If it simply makes no sense, he UNDERSTANDS it. If he’s lucky, he’ll learn a few things, translate a Security Council document in less than a week, FOR THAT IS THE CLOSEST HE’LL EVER GET TO BEING A HERO.

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