Monday, December 5, 2016

The perpetual 'Benny's [REDACTED VERSION]

I had written this piece sometime ago when I had Jack on my side, the good kind of 'shrooms on my plate and the omnipresent chillum in my hand...

Obviously I wrote more than I was supposed to and hence the redaction...

I remember one conversation [...] we are like the Bhishma Pitamahs of Mahabaharat.

Devavrata, son of Shantanu and Ganga, became Bhishma when he undertook the most hardest of oaths that no matter what, he will serve the Kingdom and King of Hastinapur, no matter who sat on the throne. He had vowed that no matter whatever the King did, Devavrata would offer his most sincere and earnest service to his actions. And to ensure that no personal ambitions or greed come in the way, he undertook the oath of celibacy. 

His vow also included that he will not die without ensuring that throne and the kingdom of Hastinapur would remain protected for all time.

By making these promises, Devavrata became Bhishma and such a vow became the Bhishma Pratigya.

I knew the story of Mahabaharat, I knew Bhishma and I knew his Pratigya.

[...] had to bear the albatross, even though he had not arrowed the metaphorical bird through the heart.

It was an inherent, determined and devotional cause that, I think, made [...] bear.

[...] did wonders [...] helped many [...]

[...] why is the title of this post "The perpetual 'Benny's" -- well that's for a different day.

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