Friday, November 4, 2016

Fast bowling in about aggression, it is about driving fear

If you follow cricket, you must have seen a fast bowler with the bright red ball in his hand galloping in full throttle.

In a past life, I played cricket and was a fast bowler.

I did that too... being aggressive, sole aim to drive fear into the batsman.

My goal, however and above all else, was to dismiss the batsman -- always. But intimidating him with a sharply rising back-of-a-length ball aimed at his neck or into his midriff or the chest, below the arms were all fair game.

I have hit batsmen in the past. The one I remember always was this bespectacled fellow, he was dogged in defense, he was adept in holding one end up and marshaling tailenders around him.

The ball I bowled took a bad bounce off a green area of the pitch and went straight into his jaw.

He fell down like a sack, his face bloodied.

He was wearing a helmet but the bounce was very awkward, it climbed from under the grill.

Luckily there was no damage apart from a cut lip (that was where the blood came from).

After a short break, he was back, after having been tended to by the first aid people.

My bowling mate, also a fast bowler, threw me the ball and indicated to york him.

That's what I did, the batter was shaken by the blow, and tamely shouldered arms.

The wicket shattered behind him.

Numbers 10 and 11 lasted 3 balls between them.

We all wanted to be Allan Donalds and Shaun Pollocks...

...and we were

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