Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Restaurant review : Dhaulagiri Kitchen (Nepali, Tibetan)

Dhaulagiri Kitchen Overall rating: 10/10
Cuisine: Nepali, Tibetan

Perhaps the best Nepali food restaurant outside of Nepal.

Would we visit again ? ABSOLUTELY YES.

Dhaulagiri Kitchen is synonymous to consistently good, wholesome, tasty food prepared with the Nepali touch.

What to order? Chicken Momo; and Daal-Bhaat set (includes Rice; jhane-ko Daal - kind of flambeed, using clarified butter and spices; seasonal vegetable curry; seasonal stir-fried vegetable; Saag; choice of meat curry; Gundruk; Achaar; Chutney; Papad)

The Daal-Bhaat is all you can eat. Just keep asking for refills (except meat).
Also, the Nepali Daal-Bhaat has been scientifically proven to be the most well-balanced-diet dish. It includes vitamins, animal and non-animal protein, carbohydrates, fats and roughage in the proper amounts for a full working day.

Food: 10/10
The food in Dhaulagiri Kitchen comes as close to having a traditional Nepali meal at the corner Thakali restaurant. In addition to its signature Daal-Bhaat set, the impressive lineup of Nepali dishes at Dhaulagiri Kitchen includes Sukuti (dried meat), Chhoyola (broiled meat with spices), Seukuwa (barbequed meat), Samya Baji, Thukpa (Tibetan noodle soup), Momo (dumplings done the proper, Nepali way), Chowmein and an assortment of appetizers.

This Nepali restaurant in Manhattan (so far the only one I've found) also serves a mean Dhedo and Wai-Wai sandheko.

Drinks: 5/10
Standard drinks menu.
Must try the Nepali Chia (cooked milk tea)

Ambiance and service: 5/10
The service is prompt and the staff are very knowledgeable about the dishes on offer. Do take their advice if you are new to Nepali food and Nepali spices.
Dishes however can take a few minutes longer during extremely busy times and with complex orders.

Value for money: 10/10  •  $
Nepali eating style generally consists of two main meals - lunch (in the morning, around 8, before heading for work) and dinner (evening, around 7) with essentially a Daal-Bhaat set eaten both times. This food, especially in the morning is meant to fill one up for all the work to do in the day (and then some). Just for this simple philosophy, this place ranks as high as it can go in the value for money.
Any Nepali or anyone who has had Nepali food in Nepal will understand how this place works.
A meal for two costs about $25.

Other: 7/10
Neighbourhood and Getting there: Dhaulagiri Kitchen is located at 124 Lexington Ave, Manhattan (in the Murray Hill neighbourhood).
The 4 and 6 trains are a block away (at 28th and Park) and M101, M102 and M103 ply along Lexington, stopping a block away. One can also take the downtown M15 (or M15 SBS), get off at 28th and walk two blocks west. Another alternative is to take the M23 cross-town, get off at 23rd and Lexington and walk 5 blocks up.
Kid-friendly: Restaurant is children friendly.
Table availability: During busy times, advisable to call ahead and book a table for large groups.

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