Thursday, March 21, 2013

What is fast bowling about?

They say the human body is not built for fast bowling, the constant pressure of the pace of the run up and the weight on the bowling foot at the time of delivery often results in stress fractures in the ankles; the arching movement of the back during the delivery is considered to be a major cause for back strain and spasms; furthermore, the strain of the sudden jerk, invariably occurring at the time the ball is released is a major factor for torn ligaments.

That said, picture this: dark cloudy skies over the Kingsmead (Durban), Allan Donald at the top of his run up, he starts, full throttle run up, and just when he's about to deliver, a streak of lightening in the background -- ball leaves his hand, the batsman didn't have even the slightest of a chance as the ball rockets into his toes and goes on to hit the stumps! All this in less than a second...

New man comes in, Donald's look from the corner of his eyes, he's at the start of his runup...

...This is what fast bowling is all about!

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