Sunday, December 23, 2012

The demigod of cricket!

Image courtesy: ESPN CricInfo
A long time ago, I had heard one of the greatest cricket commentators that legand has it that WG Grace could hit leg stump yorkers for sixes, I am quite certain that it was merely legend and no fact, I wonder what will be said of the little master Sachin Tendulkar 50 maybe hundred years from now.

We have idolized him, we have turned him into a demigod, hell we turned him into a god...

I have done that too -- used to hear that Sachin uses a really heavy bat, so I remember the bat I had bought when I was 14 was really heavy. I would always try to stand on my toes and punch that ball through cover, alas the pitch never had that much of bounce and I was a few inches taller than him...

I can still jump with joy seeing the way he had leg-befored Saqlain at Sharjah and then gave him the finger, I can still beat the air with my fist the way he lifted Tom Moody out of the stadium over long on...

The passion that lives in the likes of me towards cricket is due to people like Sachin Tendulkar. Maybe he is a demigod, no one else could do what he did, I just wish that all generations of cricket fans have demigods like him to emulate and idolize.

And just so you remember, if any demigod does come after Sachin, here's my finger to him -- you're not even a 10th of what Sachin was!!!

I stand up and applaud Sachin Tenduklar! And the Gods of cricket, you should do the same.

Image courtesy ESPN CricInfo,

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