Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Landing a C-130 on board an aircraft carrier

"Landing a C-130 on board an aircraft carrier"

Has a nice ring to it, but you have to have your ears ringing to understand this. For those of you little initiated in matters of various aircrafts and their carriers, following few paragraphs are for you (ahhh here comes Jack my friend, just let me attend to him)...

... now that Jack is well settled in the warmth of my tummy with some remnants still in the goblet sitting firm at my desk, looking at me from the corners of his eye, landing this C-130 is going to be even more fun!

The C-130 is 30 meters long, has a wing span of about 41 meters, she is relatively light on an empty tank, weighing in at about 35 tonnes and has a payload of about 19 tonnes. She is nicely tall standing about 40 feet and can easily travel three thousand kilometers.

That is big plane... no wonder folks beyond the seas have christened her "Hercules", not a very apt name for a woman. Baah! what do I care, I never call her Hercules anyway, for me she is the C-130...

Now back to landing her ;-)

to be continued... Jack is feeling lonely, he needs some company

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