Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Greetings all,

belittle |biˈlitl|
verb [ trans. ]
make (someone or something) seem unimportant : this is not to belittle his role | she felt belittled.
belittlement noun
belittler noun
ORIGIN late 18th cent.: a coinage of Thomas Jefferson originally meaning [diminish in size, make small] ; the current sense dates from the very end of the 18th century.

I'm not in the mood to ramble on and on about what is happening, not happening or just stuck there, somewhere...

But today, 3 August 2011, I am reminded of two pieces of news I heard on the radio -- one today, other a few months back. ,[some rambling] for once - that is an interlocutor to me that I just allow to talk, I don't interrupt it at all, or ask questions, I just quietly or not so quietly listen...

Two, I will not call them men, or even individuals, -- two --, faced a judgement of sorts, for one it was quick, or atleast the radio told me was quick, for the other - just started today.

What happened to No. 1, in the Pakistani city of Abbotabad, was what the "it" deserved, but the means was not what was deserved by the thousands and tens of thousands who suffered for this "it"'s deeds...

The other, today, in a cage, before the world, lying down on a stretcher, did commit carnage on innocent people, justice or no justice, time will tell, but today - "it No. 2" was belittled!

I did not see this, for me, my radio tells me this, but yes, "it No. 2" was belittled


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