Friday, February 25, 2011

Utter carnage in Libya

The world we live in today has brought the human kind closer to one another than ever before, we had telegrams, telephones and faxes, then came emails and chats: now we have facebooks, twitters and blogs...

No matter how hard one tries, one cannot remain aloof from the carnage that is happening in North Africa, it started with Tunisia, then Egypt and now Libya, one just need but browse some tweets or visit a forum on facebook. Even if one doesn't do that, one is bombarded by the news of carnage in the country. Attacking one's own people, branding foreigners as mercenaries and trouble makers, ordering mobs to run amok, no word or even the entire lexicon can even attempt to express the condemnation that these actions warrant.

And yet, the ones who have some level of decency are the only ones who can at least try to denunciate this.

All I can express, is that I am left speechless and wordless. My heart goes out to the thousands in the country who have lost it all... you are the bravest of all of us, if we can still call ourselves humans, a word from which humanity originates.

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