Friday, November 2, 2007

When I’m riding, the road ahead doesn’t matter... What I’ve left behind matters even less

When I’m riding, the road ahead doesn’t matter,
What I’ve left behind matters even less

I have absolutely no idea who said this or when, but these words are a biker's dream... I for one have believed these ever since I can remember... the moment I sit on my bike, start her up and put her into gear... the world around me ceases to exist... all the conflicts, all the feuds, all this rat-race exist no more... all that exist is my trusted steed, the road ahead and myself...

As I watch as the tachometer ticks by... kilometer after kilometer... tick-tick-tick... watch as the wheels turn... hear each and every contact in the distributor as the engine rotates at over 3000rpm... powering me where my destination is... alas I have no destination to go to... for the destination is the end of the journey... my desire is not to travel for a goal... my desire let the travel be my goal...

It doesn't matter what the road ahead will bring me... it matters not what marks I have left on the road behind me... for me the ultimate mark would be the road itself... as it would whisper quietly to someone who would dare to follow me... Vibhu had traveled these road... and there won't be any milestones to prove it... the road itself would be the milestone!

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